transfluid® bending and forming technology

Offering solutions where there appear to be none

That’s the brand promise of transfluid® Maschinenbau GmbH. It is a promise that the specialists for processing tubes with their location in Schmallenberg keep day in and day out. Over the course of 20 years, transfluid® has established themselves on the market as a leading manufacturer of tube bending and end processing machines. The transfluid® brand is grown from the previous medium-sized business to become a forward thinking global player.

Wherever around the globe tubes are bent, cut, formed or cleaned, transfluid® is found nearby. “We are proud to have had a role in supporting transfluid® for over 20 years as their success story has unfolded”, says Horst Watz, the CEO of WATZ Hydraulik GmbH in Lollar near Gießen. The partnership of the two companies has been maintained over that entire 20-year period. WATZ supplies in particular hydraulic assemblies and differential cylinders (in special sizes). The products are project planning and refined based on many years of experience. The unique point here is: WATZ manufactures many of these products specially for transfluid® in series and thus offers tailor-made technology in series production.

Special assemblies and cylinders are supplied as well, however, for custom tube-bending concepts. One example is the end customer, Deutz. The specially designed and manufactured tube-bending plant was assembled directly in the factory. The assemblies required were fabricated by WATZ in close collaboration with transfluid® and to the individual requirements of the end customer. A further example is MJ Gerüst GmbH, a notable German manufacturer of scaffolding systems. The system supplied by transfluid® is permanently installed in the factory and carries out tasks in the areas of bending, metal forming and stamping.

WATZ designed and delivered a suitable hydraulic system for this purpose. 14 consumers (tensioning and forming cylinders) are controlled from a central assembly via a system line and are supplied with power. The hydraulic assembly is equipped with all the necessary accessories: Accumulators for absorbing pressure spikes and damping pressure and volumetric flow fluctuations.

A rapid and unproblematic valve change ensures the connector plate linking preferred by WATZ. There are good reasons why transfluid® relies on the quality supplied by WATZ Hydraulik. It can be said here as well: Long-term customer relationships, especially when based on trust, always pay off. transfluid® and WATZ Hydraulik have proven this in many projects – both national and international.