Quality and certification

Quality – The satisfaction of our customers is our highest priority.


We deliver that satisfaction through:

  • Reliable and long-lived products adapted to the requirements and application conditions of our customers.
  • Modern products reflecting state-of-the-art engineering practice which retain their full efficiency even after many years, thanks to forward-looking planning and long-term support.
  • Flexibility and short reaction times through fabrication in our own facility.
  • On request, complete hydraulic systems and service calls from a single source – we leave nothing to chance.
  • Long-term and rapid availability of spare parts.
  • Projects that are completed within the agreed time and cost framework.
  • Experienced and competent employees, from sales to assembly and commissioning, who give their all for your project.
  • A long-term partnership that continues to be available to you even after the project period.

Our products are subjected to continuous quality control. This includes documented worker self-inspection at the individual workstations as well as 100% documented testing of our products on the test bench.

The process workflows are monitored continuously through a system of key figures and are adapted to customer requirements as needed.
With our motivated and committed staff, we are able to meet the high expectations our customers have concerning our products and services.

Our philosophy for a successful partnership:

  • Consistency
  • Reliability
  • Competence


Every hydraulic cylinder and every system is tested before outbound delivery.

The testing includes:

  • Pressure and functional testing
  • Measurement of surface quality and coating thickness
  • Inspection of the welds with dye penetrant or x-ray methods.

The tests are documented in a test report, thereby providing evidence for proper execution.

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