Oil production ITAG

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Hydraulics for drilling specialists

The ITAG company was founded already in 1908. Today, the firm employs 550 people. The ITAG machinery factory primarily produces equipment for the oil and gas industry, such as ball valves, drill string components and Christmas trees. ITAG products are employed worldwide in the area of oil and gas production as well as geothermics. In addition, ITAG performs deep boring and workover tasks for their customers. This is the area in particular where hydraulics technology from WATZ Hydraulik is used.

The hydraulics specialist from Central Hesse supplies complete hydraulic assemblies for ITAG drilling rigs, among other things. What is of special importance, however, is the technical engineering involved. The assemblies are installed in an easily transportable noise abatement container and comply with the strict ATEX regulations for electrical and mechanical explosion protection. This is highly significant especially in light of their specific area of application. When drilling into the ground, it is possible to strike subterranean gas-containing formations. Due to the installation location, it is then possible for gas flowing out to enter the container. Moreover, efficiency losses resulting from the distance to the hydraulic consumers must be avoided. The container is equipped with two assemblies.

One of the 210 l/min assemblies is in continuous operation while the other assumes the standby function and is therefore able to compensate any downtimes. The overall motor-pump unit is mounted on a carrier plate. It is possible to raise the unit by means of a hand pump using a double-acting cylinder. This simplifies future repair and maintenance tasks in the container.

ITAG has always valued innovative component solutions, flexible management, highly qualified personnel and, of course, reliable suppliers. This is why WATZ Hydraulik is rightly proud to be able to count ITAG amongst its customers.