50 years WATZ Hydraulik

Tradition, pioneering spirit and innovation -

This is what WATZ Hydraulik GmbH has stood for for two generations.

The success story of our company began in 1971, when Horst Watz and his wife Margit founded the engineering office of the same name in the Mainzlar district of Staufenberg. The company soon grew to a six-man operation and handled its first orders abroad, delivering a complete hydraulic drive unit for oil production to Russia. This was the first of many projects that put WATZ Hydraulik GmbH at the forefront of hydraulic drive and control technology.

Today's company location in Lollar was created in 1985 and has since been the headquarters of the globally active company. With constant expansions of production capacities and the opening up of new markets as well as the development of new product areas, WATZ Hydraulik GmbH has succeeded in forming the ideal combination of a tradition-conscious family business and a future-oriented high-tech company. In the meantime, the next generation, Christine Stevenson, has taken over the management of the company.

By taking over the company HydroService Zylinderbau GmbH in 2014, Dipl.-Ing. Horst Watz acquired a company founded in 1954, which specializes in the production of special and large cylinders. In the same year, the entrepreneur successfully stood for election to the IHK plenary assembly and represented the interests of the regional economy during this period. The WATZ Group also includes FAUDI GmbH, a globally positioned filtration technology company. Decades of experience make the companies brought together in the group of companies strong business partners, which today cooperate successfully at many interfaces.

With over 250 employees, the group offers a full range of services, from consulting, development and production to installation, commissioning, maintenance, repair and conversion. The workforce currently includes four apprentices, and three more young people are set to start their careers this coming August. For the coming decade, the focus is on innovation, digitalization and sustainability.

Due to Corona, this year's anniversary celebration could not take place, so a 50+1 celebration is planned for next year, which we look forward to.

Here's to a new decade!

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