K & W sand reconditioning

Successful plant construction companies rely on the hydraulic technology
from WATZ

Innovative Sand Reconditioning for foundries

More than 100 sand reconditioning plants for foundries speak for themselves: K & W is one of the most successful plant construction firms in this sector. Already since 1907, the company has stood for quality and ongoing innovation. The product range includes both individual mould machines as well as complete, fully and semi-automatic mould systems, including sand treatment and sand reconditioning. The capacity of the mould machines ranges from 10 to 330 moulds per hour.

WATZ and K & W share the philosophy of consistently satisfying their customers’ needs. This means that the mould systems are always tailored for the respective specific requirements of the customer. The average availability in terms of technical functioning of the K & W systems is greater than 98%. High-precision humidity control and weighing technology coupled with a robust cooler and mixer construction ensure a consistently high sand quality.

Innovation, professional knowledge and experience in combination with robust, high-quality construction characterize all K & W products. In order to offer its customers the high quality to which they are accustomed in all plant areas, K & W also relies on the hydraulic technology delivered by WATZ. This applies for projects the world over. In Brazil, for example, a modern moulding plant was constructed for an automotive supplier. Since then, engines and clutches for many notable automobile manufacturers have been produced in Brazil’s Curitiba, Paraná. WATZ supplied the hydraulic drives for this project. Amongst other things, hydraulic assemblies with a tank volume of up to 32,000 litres are employed.