The Watz story

The company history of Watz Hydraulik GmbH

WATZ Hydraulik – Efficient power transmission for over 45 years. Starting in 1971, highly efficient hydraulic drive systems are project planning and produced in the central Hessian town of Lollar. Already shortly after its founding, the company begins to focus on the engineering and manufacture of hydraulic systems. Both custom solutions and series products form the basis for the success of WATZ Hydraulik right from the start.

In 2006, FAUDI GmbH in the Hessian town of Stadtallendorf becomes part of the WATZ Group. WATZ acquired the traditional firm operating in the area of filter system construction and very soon put it back on the track to success. Today, both companies enjoy a mutually beneficial cooperation at many points of intersection.

Major contract for a component manufacturer of hydraulic pumps. Watz Hydraulik supplies an end-of-line production test bench for safeguarding product quality in manufacturing and assembly.

New generation of hydraulic briquetting press, the WSPK series with frequency controlled drive.

New product range: Hydraulic test benches for manufacturers of hydraulic components

Acquisition of Hydro-Service Zylinderbau GmbH in Kamen (NRW) with a total of 70 employees.

Expansion of production capacity

Major contract for a coke-oven plant. Watz Hydraulik delivers 6 hydraulic stations installed in large cabinets as well as about 250 hydraulic cylinders to factory specifications.

40th anniversary of Watz Hydraulik GmbH.

Opening of the Hydraulic Service Centre in NRW as a branch of Watz Hydraulik GmbH.

For his work and in particular the spectacular acquisition and rescue of FAUDI GmbH, Horst Watz receives the “Encourager of the Nation" award presented personally from the Minister President of Lower Saxony, Christian Wulff.

Acquisition of the Stadtallendorf filter system specialist, FAUDI GmbH with approximately 70 employees.

New product range: Hydraulic briquetting press for the metalworking industry.

Major contract for the A3 motorway section near Aschaffenburg. Watz supplies 1,500 hydraulic cylinders and assemblies as a series.

Second expansion of production capacity.

First expansion of production capacity. At the Lollar location, the new administration building including a Parker Store is dedicated on 1 April 1996.

Watz obtains a major contract from the Volkswagen factory for the VW Golf production line.

Watz moves its operations to Lollar. The production conditions and transport infrastructure in Staufenberg-Daubringen are no longer suitable for the company.

With an international presence at trade fairs, the firm is able to expand its customer base abroad.

The Horst Watz GmbH processes the first contacts abroad and delivers a complete hydraulic drive unit to Russia for the area of oil production.

The company changes its legal form and is now the Horst Watz GmbH. The Horst Watz GmbH employs 5 staff. The growth of the young company necessitates a relocation to a larger production facility. The company moves to the neighbouring town of Daubringen.

Dipl. Ing. Horst Watz founds the engineering office, Ingenieurbüro Horst Watz, in Mainzlar, Hesse.

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