Forming technology Schuler AG

Precision joins forces with performance

Hydraulics for forming technology

Maximum precision is an absolute prerequisite for attaining long-term success in the supplier industry. Schuler AG, with headquarters in Göppingen and 18 additional locations on three continents, is the world market leader in forming technology and relies entirely on the quality of WATZ Hydraulik products. For example, WATZ Hydraulik supplies the Schuler company with standard cylinders in all sizes as well as with the associated specialty items of equipment.

Specialty cylinders as well in the Schuler machines, such as in the form of telescopic cylinders, are from WATZ Hydraulik. A hydraulic drive for supplying a forming machine for the cold-forming process was delivered to end customer AUDI AG. The hydraulic assembly is set up on a walk-on platform (in accordance with the safety regulations for accident prevention). With the parts delivered by WATZ Hydraulik, the automated mechanical cutting and forming machines at Schuler are able to master all of the challenges presented, such as a growing number of pieces, complex part geometries and the processing of high-strength materials. The pressing force of these machines ranges from 2,000 to 30,000 kN."

WATZ Hydraulik and Schuler – a powerful partnership for innovation and the highest quality!